Pressure Cooker (160 TO 200 LTR.)

Cooker is now widely used in many many field in cooking.

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Made from high quality virgin aluminium

Color : Silver, Material: Aluminium

For hotels, restaurants, caterers or for large families

Safety features : locking handle, overpressure release valve and gasket release window

Aluminum Pressure Cooker 160 To 200 Litres)

160 To 200 Ltr Pressure Cooker With Extra Gasket & Safety Valve

Best For 1500-2000 Persons

Brand : Kwitex

Cook Faster, Saves 50% in fuel-coal, Fireeood. ferosene, Kerostove, Gas

Cooks food for 1500 person at a time

Six safety side given in big cooker no risk of Accldent or blast

Reduce 10% Consumption in actual quantity in dal

ALUMIMIUM is the best metal next to gold or PLATINUM for Cooking in Perssure cooker. it is even better then SILVER

Liter Dia
Cooking Cap
No of person
Cooking Capacity Raw Marerial (App.)
Any type of Dal Potato Veg. Rice Khichadi Cereals
200 Ltr. 675 650 7.25 1800 to 2000 45 kg 90 kg 45 kg 55 kg
160 Ltr. 675 570 7.25 1500 to 1600 35 kg 70 kg 30 kg 42 kg

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